World Championship #3 Qualifier FINALS – Clash of Clans

It’s the final day of the World Championship Qualifier #3 and only the strongest four Clans are left! With thunder and lightning raining destruction from above, only one Clan will emerge from the devastation with the Golden Ticket in-hand and secure their place at the 2020 World Championship Final. Who will move one step closer to the $1,000,000 prize pool?

Cheer on the 8 Clans as they push their abilities to the limit and show your support by following their progress on their social…

36 thoughts on “World Championship #3 Qualifier FINALS – Clash of Clans

  1. Bro please help need th 13 players for champion clan war league PLZZ unranked clan direct we will hit champion ,we always do this please need help lvl 12 clan

  2. Week late I know, but woody has got to be on uppers to 1) physically keep that up for 4 hours, and 2) think it sounded good enough to keep up for 4 hours. It was like watching someone redline their engine. You know it’s gonna explode but no way to know exactly when lmao

  3. So I came here to rip woody apart too, but seeing how many people have already done it actually kinda makes me feel sorry for him lol. He did ruin that last war tho

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