Wattson Buffed! Shield regen ability breakdown on Apex Legends! #shorts

Wattson Buffed! Shield regen ability breakdown on Apex Legends! #shorts

Wanted to provide a fast video breaking down her new passive ability for you all to see. Looks to take around 3 – 4 seconds before the regen kicks in, making sure you are out of combat and it heals .5 shield per second.

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33 thoughts on “Wattson Buffed! Shield regen ability breakdown on Apex Legends! #shorts

  1. if it was 1 a second like octanes health regen, then it would actually be useful, unlike now, where its only use is to top up that last little sliver of shields when I don't want to waste a fuel cell on 1/5 of a shield bar.

  2. Respawn: buffs wattson
    Wattson mains: Yay.
    Wattson mains: realises how slow the passive shield regen is
    Wattson mains: I have been tricked, backstabbed, and quite possibly bamboozled.

  3. that is insanly slow. if they made it as fast as octane's regen then i could see the potential, especially in high intense combat, but its not even noticeable let alone very useful. now i get that it stacks with her ult. giving her a faster recharge time than other players, but i think that should've been a thing to begin with. If there's an issue with the speed when combined, just take away the stacking. as a personal opinion, i think they should change the passive to where shield cells (and potentially phoenix kits) take less time to use given that they took it away from gib. Or, a fun little idea, upon shield break or when downed she lets off a stunning discharge

  4. I feel like although this is a nice addition to Watson’s kit the armour regen needs to be slightly faster as it’s slightly underwhelming taking the time to start the regen and having the regen be 0.5 per second

  5. To be honest, the buff was disappointing. I was happy when I heard of a buff for Wattson but when I actually tried the new buff, it's practically useless, it's almost like it isn't even there. Simply too slow of a regen to be of any use in actual combat.

  6. But caustic is over nerf i am quitting apex legends because their is no point to play this game anymore atleast 7hp was good to nerf but 5hp is soo high and tgey should give him vision blur if they nerf caustic like that

  7. I mean yes, but actually no. The reason is simple Low Profile, Wattson should heal but the damage that she takes from one bullet doesn't let the buff help

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