Top 5 Best TH9 Attack Strategies in 2021 (Clash of Clans)

The Best Town Hall 9 War Attack Strategies for 3 Stars in Clash of Clans. Judo Sloth Gaming explains each Attack Strategy so that you know which Town Hall 9 Attacks are the most powerful, but also how to use them. The Top 5 List includes Golems and Hog Riders, Avalance, Witches and LavaLoon variations. This video will give you all the information to practice each attack strategy and improve your TH9 game. Clash On!

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45 thoughts on “Top 5 Best TH9 Attack Strategies in 2021 (Clash of Clans)

  1. Is it a good idea to use a lava hound instead of a Pekka and a giant in the GoHo strategy because defences like wizard towers archer towers and teslas focus on the lava hound so your main kill squad loses less hp???

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