Top 10 Best Weapons In Apex Legends Season 9

The Best Guns Tier List In Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy.
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The Gaming Merchant shares his opinions on what weapons are the best in Apex Legends Arena and Battle Royale mode.
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36 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Weapons In Apex Legends Season 9

  1. Spitfire with no mag should have a 5 bullet reduction and with purple and gold it should have a 10 bullet reduction. That’s the only gun that needs nerfs everything else is pretty balanced now. The hype for the bow has died and no one uses it now soo I think it’s in a decent spot rn. R-301 is king and there’s no reason for it not to be. Even tho it’s the best gun in the game no one complains about it bcz it isn’t a scummy weapon. It doesn’t have a bottomless mag like spitty and it doesn’t take away all ur health in 1 second like the bow did. Everyone loves it bcz it’s so easy to use for any player that’s why no one wants a nerf. Bcz EVERYONE uses it. King will remain king for a good reason

  2. I know they're not considered to be all that great without the Turbocharger; but I firmly believe the Havoc and Devotion are top tier weapons. The pure amount of damage they spit out is incredible. The only down side is the spin up time which honestly isn't that bad if you're at mid range. Up close it's terrible, but if you're nailing someone down a hallway, or you manage to get to the side or behind someone, then the spin up time isn't as dangerous when you're out dpsing.

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