The WEIRDEST ways to improve your aim #1 (Apex Legends) #shorts

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25 thoughts on “The WEIRDEST ways to improve your aim #1 (Apex Legends) #shorts

  1. Even tho ik abt this, this will particularly help me when in he zipping building in words edge while using a sentinel or wingman. I'm already good at this with the wingman but all I need is the sentinel, I'm good at quick scoping and have learned using it with different mechanics like wall jumping, using a pad, grappling, etc. The highest optics I'll use is a 2x-4x but the main ones I'll use is the iron sight, 1x(red dot), and 1x-2x

  2. I’ve been doing it. But with controller, and an R9. I practice micro adjustments with the wingman for headshots only by walking up and down the ramps to adjust accordingly. Then slide shots.

  3. i really hope he continues this series, i feel like it could be a solid way to grow as a content creator, but also, these will probably stick with me better personally because they could be cooler than most common methods

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