The Ultimate Ranked Guide To Getting RP In Apex Legends (Tips)

Feel like you are stuck in apex legends ranked? Can’t get past that one rank, but you have been playing apex legends since it has came out? This is the video for you. I go over 11 in depth tips on how to gain rp fast in apex legends whether you are playing ranked on Olympus, King’s Canyon, World’s Edge or any future maps that become available to play on. Usually when players are stuck in certain apex legends ranks it doesn’t mean they don’t have what it takes to gain rp and rank up, it…

41 thoughts on “The Ultimate Ranked Guide To Getting RP In Apex Legends (Tips)

  1. Oh yeah 1 more good tip from this guy is in ranked games 70% of the whole lobby would get a octane and you should as well I mean every legend is good in ranked but octane is the way to go in ranked if you want to play offensive of defensive

  2. i’m stuck in plat because of my teammates. they rush fights without thinking and get downed and then it’s a 1v3. i try to be a good teammate and get they’re banners and i die

  3. i cant not rush them because the teamates im put with in gold rush every team with white and they already have blue or purple

  4. I hate the fact, that i have hundreds of hours in game, but my k/dr is still below 0.7 and i most of the time miss my shots (even the super close ones). Rarely happens when i get normal damage in a game.

  5. I get really bad teammates playing ranked. They pick fuse, fuse for ranked? Then when I be jump master they follow me everywhere & steal my loot GET OFF ME!!! If I’m playing ranked and you pick Fuse I’m not helping you up!!! If you steal the loot at my feet I’m not helping you up!!!

  6. Honestly coming into this video I thought I couldn't get a lot from it and that it was going to be a "practice aim as much as you can" video but I'm pleasantly surprised to say the least! 🙂
    Really informative and made me realize flaws that now seem obvious in my playstyle.

  7. golden rules no doubt! great video! But all random silvers i find are trash. No ping, they push with mozambique and no armor, they push alone vs full teams…

  8. Been playing apex on and off for a long time. Can never stick since ive always played pc on everything (keyboard and mouse). But since covid ive had less income and a dead pc. So finally i guess ill give controller a serious and long go… You're game sense tips have been helping alot in my basically re-learning of the game. Thanks!

  9. The thing is I can aim like a predator. But I think what's holding me back is movement and positioning. Everytime in ranked I get screwed by a bad position.

  10. I queued with randoms today, they did the opposite of your rips and I will add bounce, last 3 teams and they running different directions!

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