The ULTIMATE Apex Legends Loot/Inventory Guide

Everything you need to know about looting faster and managing your inventory. Hope you guys enjoy! Stay warm like a chiknnuggey.



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48 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE Apex Legends Loot/Inventory Guide

  1. Discard items from right to left because the inventory is lockstep and thus subject to ping. If you're used to discarding right to left, you can hop on the JP server any time and play with friendly people for a change.

  2. Fuck Apex legends this game is a piece ofShit so this is my story I was sitting here playing Apex right and I fully heal up my purple shield you know I only had shield cells are use all my fucking shield souls right I’ve done third-party it’s already wasted like halfway I got my shield finally all the way full and then you know what happens I found a fucking fully charged purple shield in a box I fucking AL all of this this game is annoying as hell

  3. tbh 2:12 – looking at inventory is MUCH faster. The wheels are all over the place – large sections that you have to scan with your eyes. Inventory consists of small icons that you can scan in like a less than a second if you know icons by instinct. You can't do that by switching the wheels.

    3:32 never heard anyone say that they don't like it – like it's an experience thing. I personally am doing this by reflex due to experiences with other games that have inventory – moving and inventory managing at the same time is something you pick up eventually.

  4. I always pick up good mags and stocks if not for me then my team. I also like taking 3 or 4 nades because they are way more useful than people think and theres always nades laying around or in boxes

  5. Every PC player: beams with devotion from a mile away

    Controller: so hard to hit people with recoil and sway, no ones posts controller footage and all you see on YouTube is pc.

    This guy: give the stabilizer to the PC guy.

    On behalf of all controller players, screw you.

  6. I know this guy said this is just his opinion but idk recoil stability very much seems just as useful on controller as M&K. We don't really get aim assist at range, so I really don't see it as any less useful.

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