The BEST settings for Apex Legends season 7 (Full guide, improve fps, best res, optimal settings)

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48 thoughts on “The BEST settings for Apex Legends season 7 (Full guide, improve fps, best res, optimal settings)

  1. So here's a quick critique for your YouTube channel as I have experienced your videos as a fellow viewer.

    First off, you're very well spoken and informative, so good job on that. I have learned things from you, and I appreciate the time you take to make these videos.

    Only critique I'll give you is that you should make the "intro" at the end. What I mean is, most people don't want to hear "if this video helps you then subscribe" ect, then the social media plugs in the beginning of the video.

    If you are doing your job correctly, hooking viewers in with good, informative tips and gameplay, then they will stay to the end. The battle of making YouTube videos is how to keep peoples attention all throughout the video. The longer the video, the harder it is to get people to stay to the end. But you shouldn't be putting the idea of subscribing into the video intro, it should be in the outro when someone already feels at least some level of appreciation for the work you've put in to make their gaming experience (in Apex legends in this case) better. I typically always subscribe to channels that benefit me, and by going the extra mile to ensure your videos have some level of continued hook, you will get people to subscribe because the content you've provided HAS helped them. Don't preface all of your videos with that, because it looks like you're just using them as a sub count.

    Last reason for this is, a lot of people don't want to have to listen to a full minute or more of intro. I know countless videos who do this, and I typically want to shut them off every time because the reason I clicked on the video was to see whatever game play, commentary, tricks, tips or other content they eluded to with their title. This is why Clickbait videos get views but not video watch time.

    I hope you don't take this comment as me trying to be harsh. It's just I have noticed the top tier YouTubers get straight to the video content and let their hard work and effort in making the video speak for itself, and then a little plug at the end saying if you enjoyed or if this helped you then subscribe. You will get more subs this way and people will be a lot more appreciative of not having to listen to someone begging for sub count (not saying that's what you were necessarily trying to do, but YouTube is a competitive platform where a lot of people are making the same type of videos, especially this kind).

    Cheers, keep up the good work and keep 'em coming!

  2. I came after playing an entire split with these settings. Sorry chief but your settings are just bad for performance. Entire split i was wondering why my fps were stuck on 100s on everything low .I did everything to the dot, and watched the video 5 times to clearly do no mistake but nope.
    Yesterday I dumped the cfg taken from here, reset all settings everywhere and just modified some ingame settings and put it on medium and now im capped at 180 everywhere.
    Only 2 things changed between 2 days ago and today,
    1. nvidia update
    2. removal of the settings .

    Maybe it's just my ryzen 2700x or 1080ti or 32 gb sticks or something, maybe not but that's my experience. Also, the resoluting thing didn't cut it either, i had trouble alt tabbing and sometimes even game would crash so there's that too. Peace ๐Ÿ‘.

  3. Hello so I've had these settings for like 2 months now no problems always stayed at a constant 165. Now all of a sudden it drops to like 100s etc I was playing 2 days ago abd it wouldn't drop from 165 what should I do to fix this?

  4. im surprised that fov helps gain more fps,before i was using 90 fov and the fps were unstable until i changed to 110,the frames are much more stable.

  5. Hi I got a question when I put my resulution to 16:10 my 144 hz monitor suddenly goes to 60 hz but when I switch it back to native resulution my monitor will go back to 144 hz again. Can you please help?

  6. I gust want say what everyone dose not say the settings didn't work and I didn't become better ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ grate vid

  7. I used the graphics settings..when i turned vsync off,my fps went to 120 but my game became so teary that it was unbearble..I missed all my wingman shots in a crucial 1v1.Can anyone please help me with this??

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