The BEST (ALC) PC Controller Settings for Apex Legends Arenas (Season 9) (Advanced Look Controls)

This is a very long video but it holds all of the knowledge, thoughts and opinions I have over EVERY setting in Apex Legends. This includes a deep dive into Advanced Look Controls or ALC. I feel that most YouTubers give no information or even worse false information on ALC settings so I hope you stay for that portion!

There was also a new setting introduced in Season 9 that I think will be a gamechanger for anyone who wants to main Valkyrie! Its absolutely worth the watch as I have over…

22 thoughts on “The BEST (ALC) PC Controller Settings for Apex Legends Arenas (Season 9) (Advanced Look Controls)

  1. 26:00 I use to play with high velocity with both at max and I managed to get 600 kills on pathfinder with it and just stopped when I was no longer a complete madman and used proper settings

  2. Thank you very much for these simple and good explanations of all of the options. I was playing around with the alc settings 2 days ago but couldn't really get my head around how it all would interact, was annoyed and turned alc off again. Now I can actually try to find my own alc settings and tweak a bit of the general ones. Take my sub to your channel as a thank you, dear sir.

  3. Have you ever noticed feeling like maybe the weapon swap is sloppy sometimes on controller is it just a practice thing or maybe input lag? Maybe something that went away when you got paddles?

  4. Great vid but did you know that boost with max sens doesn't do anything. So if your normal sens is 400 and then you use 250 boost it's the same turning speed as max 500 and only the smaller movements feel slower. But use what you gotta use🙃👍

  5. Hey Rau, I'm in the market for a new controller and I'm torn between the FUSION Pro and the Razer Wolverine TE – Seeing that you have a fusion I just want to ask how are you finding the paddles and durability of the thumb sticks over all? Great video though!

  6. @RauKnows Also I own Astro A40’s with a mix amp I would greatly appreciate it if you did a video on your settings in the command center would help me out a lot! Thanks!

  7. @RauKnows what would you recommend for someone who doesn’t use a control freak long stick? You have it at 9% with it and I’ve been using 1%-2% any recommendation? (This is for the Outer Threshold ALC Setting)

  8. Great videos literally the only time I've sent videos to a friend telling them to watch and actually learn from it! Your channels gonna grow fast!

  9. Not even kidding how is it you have the same sensitivity settings and almost the same button layout nice vid tho don’t help them too much you make lobby’s harder for yourself:)

  10. I tried hold to reload for a while. It took a day or two to get used to, but I eventually gave it up when I realized that you can't reload Sheila with it. Super rare occurrence for me, but still something I don't want screwing me over at some point. I just made it a point to learn how to keep environmental interactions interfere with reloads

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