The #1 PREDATOR on PS4 was CHEATING! (Apex Legends Ps4)


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43 thoughts on “The #1 PREDATOR on PS4 was CHEATING! (Apex Legends Ps4)

  1. Oh an since we on a cheater thing. Idk how many of you people actually know this but people assume when someone uses aimbot they literally can not miss a shot. I literally watched a cheater uses aimbot an he still missed shots. So for people who see someone that possibly might be cheating an u say there not cause they missed some shots they could still be cheating. Cause people defend alot of people cheating by simply stating there's no way they cheater they missed 4 out of 20 shots if he was cheating he would have hit them all. An also no aimbot does not do only headshots. People using aimbot will also do body shots along with headshots. I watched a cheater on his stream which is how ik he was cheating an he literally got 1 headshot the entire game.

  2. So wait the fight he's in at 6:00. He said he had no audio but yet still tracked where the guy was moving. If u have no audio how do u know where the person is moving n climbing at. Js u must have literally only lost audio for 1 sec.

  3. Just saying respawn has not hardware banned anyone on apex. If they did tufi would be banned. Hackers only like cheating in games cause they can create free accounts. If they did hardware bans then hackers n cheaters would have to get an entire new setup which is not likely unless they just have the money to waste. Honestly I think there allowing some of the pro cheaters to keep cheating. Cause in the end if u can't ban tufi with all the money respawn has then in my opinion they are just not trying to ban him. They can pull the oh we can't ban his ip cause it's pinging all over. Well with a tad bit of money u can trace that signal back to its original spot an bam there's the permanent ban on his equipment. But they don't want to spend the money, time or effort doing that. It's the same with war zone they just don't want to take the time, energy, an resources to ban these top notch cheaters. Cause if u haven't noticed they really only ban the simp cheaters not the hardcore ones cause they just don't want to take the time to track them an ban them

  4. When you play apex on ps4 ranked or not for like 1 month or 2 you realize just how danm accurate his aim is and my jaw literally drops every time he 1 clips someone

  5. Respawn sucks at banning cheaters like look at tollis mans is famous for fucking cheat he’s proving their anti cheat is shit and they refuse to fix it even though they made like a billion dollars

  6. This is soooooo stupid, it doesn't make sense at all! Look, the game makes fun if you play it normal but when you cheat you should AT LEAST try to have fun! This isn't!

  7. i really hope that we outlaw modding in games and it can be a 1 year in prison and a 100k fine because its take from others and you dont own the game so you are not aloud to change shit in the game only the devs may do that

  8. Bro I know I’m late but I was there. I remember queuing up, getting in a match with my squad, then this shit happened to me and I lost a tier. I am Timminator2045, I was in the feed of the first clip

  9. Its obvious straight up i can get 7-8-9 kill games then im forced into pred lobbys an everytime i run into the pred of the lobby you last 20 seconds an every shots a headshot

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