SKS GUIDE – Why should you use it? – PUBG

Instead of replacing your SKS with a mini or an SLR, you might want to consider using the SKS more – but when and why should you use it?

Roads – LiQWYD.mp3

24 thoughts on “SKS GUIDE – Why should you use it? – PUBG

  1. @wackyJacky 101 , The only thing that i would love to learn , figure out , is the moment @ 2:33 , the moment u draw ur SKS and u rapid fire like that, how do u even do that ? is that relate to scopes sensivities at all ? or how do u manage that insane recoil for real if i do that my bullets would hit the sky

  2. My favorite DMR. I love the customizability. Fully kitted out it is great, especially silenced. Great with the vector as it is effective at close range for a DMR, so quite seamless with the 70m+ where the Vector lacks.

  3. WackyJacky101. your this series blows my mind.. you say about all guns that why you should use them but….. how the heck i can pick all the weapons!!!!!

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