Today we are finally ranking the legends in Apex Legends Season 8! This Apex Legends Season 8 Tier list is a mix of my rankings for pub stomping and some ranked thoughts! We give this Apex Legends Season 8 Legends ranking. The Apex Legends legends ranking and apex legends ranking all legends season 8 is a good thing to do each season as the meta will and does changes. The Apex Legends ranking all legends and apex legends ranking all legends in season 8 is pretty tough to do as there are SO…


  1. Just some categories for anyone who wants to get better at apex (pls don’t judge me):

    Offense: Wraith and Fuse

    Defense: Caustic, Wattson, and Rampart

    Support/healer: Lifeline, Gibraltar, Loba, and Revenant

    Recon: Bloodhound and Crypto

    Sideline helpers (not really healers or support but more like using their abilities to help give mobility or other perks to teammates): Pathfinder, Bangalore, Horizon, octane, and Mirage

  2. Mirage to me is B- or B tier if used right.
    Mirage's decoys are based on how well you can mimic real movements and this freedom allows the ability to be good for seeing if someone is somewhere, faking a push for flank time, time for an escape, reviving, it is endless if you know whst you are doing.
    His stealth rev makes reving mid fight a great tactic and I often shoot out a decoy and let it mimic reving (why people shoot the decoy reving air, idk but idc) while I rev and this trick can work even right next to enemies as long as their back is turned and while some will still find you during it, it is generally safe.
    His ult is as you said, weak. While his old ult of cloaking was a great way to get away from fights due to its almost instant activation and could allow for very sneaky flanks or legit running to the enemy and through them, the new 1 is almost only useful very close range and only if you fake being a decoy long enough or else you risk the abilty giving no help.
    All he needs is for his old ability to cloak on his ult to come back and maybe a lower decoy charge time and he would be perfect since while for a noob, he is not someone good, he can be overpowered if mastered and VERY frustrating (the worst thing is when me and another mirage ult at the same time, ESPECIALLY if we have the same skin, at that point I could be shooting my own decoys)

  3. What I like about Apex Legends is that it doesn't matter how useless the characters is, if you're playing your character that fits your style then you can beat any game ( depending on your squad also)

    Playing realistic and smart is my style and the first time I got Cryto I immediately climbed the ranks

    And you too can be a pro without being a hardcore gamer.

    Unlike most/all online games imo.

    Thx for reading my long comment btw 🙂

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