PUBG Team Deathmatch | Early Impressions and Gameplay (Xbox One/PS4)

Team Deathmatch is out on the PTS for both Xbox One and PS4. This update will go to the live servers on Feb. 27th. Here are my early impressions, along with …

31 thoughts on “PUBG Team Deathmatch | Early Impressions and Gameplay (Xbox One/PS4)

  1. I really enjoyed playing TDM last night, and I think if I'm forced to play PUBG solo, I'll be on TDM…unless I need to do some missions. I hope some things are adjusted going forward, but overall it's a good first implementation!

  2. the tdm is kinda lame imo there should be custom class options and a choice between tpp and fpp a free custom mode would have been better

  3. This is the potential PUBG has always had and never capitalized on. I'm glad they're doing this. The full release of this mode should include weapon unlocks and attachments just like in COD and BF. So many games have copied their BR style, but they never took advantage of the other FPS modes that are found in other games.

  4. It was fun before when we had the little zones to parachute into which was like team death match and the cross bows only special edition rounds so i am all for this. Be great to practice with all the guns in this mode for going solo or into squads. Are they ironsight or red dot only?

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