PUBG – How to aim mid and long range

Simple video showing you how you can measure distances in battlegrounds and important tips to make your sniping life easier πŸ™‚

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32 thoughts on “PUBG – How to aim mid and long range

  1. i love this game using balistic like back in old flashpoint and armas

    i kinda get used to it, but the game kinda a bit faster, but as a coward, i can manage to hide myself

  2. Pubg is already dead games, cuz of nerds like this, who the fck gonna calculate shooting on video game…. if you are beginner and didint play this game since bet like this nerd, there is no point to play it.

  3. I hate aiming in PUBG. In Quake I can pretty much contest every player except for the top tier. But when I go to PUBG, I aim and fire as I'd do in Quake but there's absolutely no tell how I missed and why and the half second later you're dead. Was I moving and the miss was due to the spread? Where did the bullet go? How did that guy facing the other direction stop and insta-kill me? No way to learn anything in this game, I don't know how so many players are enjoying its mechanics.

  4. I just don't get it, looking at minimap before shooting takes too much time and full map even more, in that time enemy killed you already or he hided before you actually can take a shot.

  5. I still don't understand if 8x scope dot is 250 meter y is it 8x ? Then 2x scope green dot is ? And i used that logic while shouting down the hill and 9/10 times opponent end up killing me rather than me killing opponent can u make a short video for all guns and who aiming and scoping work ?

  6. This video cleared up a lot of confusion for me! Thank you!!! I could not figure out why I was missing so badly. I still have a lot of practicing to do but now I have a clue! lol Great video! + 1 sub

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