PUBG Devs REVEAL Roadmap and Plans For 2021!

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I spoke to PUBG devs about the roadmap and plans for PUBG in 2021. Leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more videos. Use my creator code here:

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28 thoughts on “PUBG Devs REVEAL Roadmap and Plans For 2021!

  1. PUBG is the worst battle royal on console period and for all the money bluehole has made this game graphically movement etc is so poor and lack luster so many cheater aim botters etc the gun play just feels jankie just hasn’t come very far gameplay wise in the last 5 years still terrible pop in draw distance etc the houses looking like clay as your landing cars clipping and falling through the map still a thing this game is ok on pc but below poor on console saying the consoles are outdated is just ridiculous this game has been a dumpster fire for over 6 years when it first came to Xbox it’s even worse on PS4 what makes you feel it will be better or whatever they had so much time with last gen was current gen and they did nothing

  2. Also change the damn crate system. Been getting the saaaaaame crap since the console release (xbox). I understand the "legendary" vs "common" items and probability. It's on the same level of lotto tickets. I don't even try with crates just like I don't waste a couple bucks on lotto even though oh boy I could win a billion dollars….I don't need anymore brown school shoes…..or patrol cap….

  3. I just don't understand how pc/console crossplay works in something like warzone that is a much more polished game, but they say that ps4 and xbox 1 series consoles are "too outdated" to run pubg?
    That just doesn't make any sense to me.

  4. What about improving their anti cheat and allowing players to choose their maps or player region so their ping isn’t shit? I don’t get how anyone is playing this game still?!

  5. Great video! Question: you propose to reconsolidate casual and ranked back into one mode and introduce a new esports mode for hardcore grinders. Isnt that just the same exact thing as it is now: casual mode and ranked mode for hardcore grinders? can you clarify the difference?

  6. They need to merge ranked and standard, like you said standard mode is more fun due to the overall variety of players, with that in mind they could remove all bots due to the increased player count, also crossplay would be great for the playerbase,
    bigger maps with say 132 164 players would be great fun.

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