PUBG: Advanced Replay Tutorial & Ultimate Film Guide & Techniques//Tips From A Filmmaker!

This is a more in depth guide on the replay mode in PUBG as well as some basic tips from a filmmaking point of view to improve your cinematic creations utilizing the replay mode. Although guides and tutorials have been made already, this one takes things a step further and goes into the details. This will really help those aspiring creatives who don’t know where to start or have an idea on basic filmmaking techniques I utilize as I make films and content for companies like Reebok, Cellucor,…

30 thoughts on “PUBG: Advanced Replay Tutorial & Ultimate Film Guide & Techniques//Tips From A Filmmaker!

  1. Hi, thx for tutorial, i would like to ask one thing, so I have a scene where I headshoted one guy with Kar98 and what I want to do is the effect where I make camera look on my character then after she shoots I would do slomo where I bring the camera with the bullet right into his head if you know what I mean

    EDIT: Kinda like that Deadpool counting bullets scene

  2. Been wanting to try to do some cinematics but I have a problem where when I move the camera using W, it locks onto a target if I hover over someone with the camera. Any idea what the solution is?

  3. I really liked your tutorials . ive done watching all parts in pubg tips. Im excited to play that game but doesnt have money to buy pubg hahaha . Looking forward to your videos . keep it up.

  4. Great video!
    I'm new to PUBG's replay mode and I had issues finding a good video about that. This in depth video is exactly what I was looking for.

  5. Brand new to video editing and I uploaded a new one today. A lot of what you said resonated w/ my two weeks of experience so far.

  6. Any free editing software out there that is sufficient… Obviously it means having to cut corners and not having all the bells and whistles but for now I wanna just start with something basic.. Any tips would be great!


    I've started a serie here in Brazil , i make a cinematic scene about my played games , and i tell the history with a voice over. {

    Check my chanel to see my job.

    You've helped for this .

    Thank u from Brazil.

  8. nvidia freestyle has the depth of field effect, you can adjust the focus point, blur and bokeh intensity and so on. but it's in a broken beta state, I can only managed to get the dof work once.

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