Pro Players Opinion On Wraith After Nerf – Apex Legends Highlights

Pro Players Opinion On Wraith After Nerf – Apex Legends Highlights

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35 thoughts on “Pro Players Opinion On Wraith After Nerf – Apex Legends Highlights

  1. i played her in season 0- season 4 and i know by memory she was my goated ass main, SHE NEEDS A BUFF (also half of these are people playinf diff legends and just clips)

  2. waaawaaa i get shot shot and cant go untargetable becuse i was only good when she was a op pick waawaa. and btw lets not forget that she can completely escape if u stick her with a darkstar, the amout of fucking times i have stuck a wraith and she got away scot free is insane and i am about to go insane becuse of it

  3. Pro Players and ttv's: Complain non stop for legends to get nerfed
    Respawn: Nerfs legend
    Pro Players and ttv's: Surprised Pikachu Face
    Seriously these people want legends to be nerfed so hard and turn apex into warzone and then complain when the legends get nerfed.

  4. I Rather face Caustics then wraith. Wraith is just plain annoying that she has a get out of jail free card and a free warning well others doesn’t even know they are being aimed on by a kraber before its to late

  5. the devs say there isnt a point changing wraith when she is in a good spot for pick rates, the only reason she is still getting picked is for the stats and like me the heirloom, i wanted the heirloom for all seasons and its all i wanted for so long i finally got it and now the devs ruined it the only reason i actully still rarely play wraith for stats and heirloom:((((

  6. She was already fucked with the Q nerf… then they only make her worse again because she has a high pick and win rate? She only still had that high rate because despite the Q nerf try hards pick wraith because they are loyal and don't want to change mains so she still ends up getting high pick/win rates, but that's because the players who use her are 'good' not because she is overpowered. It's stupid to nerf someone solely based on pick and win rate especially with a character like Wraith. They are slowly losing the plot and it's showing. The least they could do to try and balance her is half the delay for her Q, so it doesn't activate instantly but quicker than it is now. I'm not even a Wraith main btw.

  7. Reps is a garbage player and to think people consider him a pro when he complains like a baby is absurd. He's the guy who died to Daltoosh because toosh outplayed tf outta him and he sat there and complained about controller players.

  8. Reps opinion proves that nerf wraith is right, they believed that wraith should be able to jump in middle of fight kill three and q out, or surviving full team shot you in the back

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