PRO FORTNITE ANALYSIS: What Would You Do? FT. Mongraal, Xtra Reet

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32 thoughts on “PRO FORTNITE ANALYSIS: What Would You Do? FT. Mongraal, Xtra Reet

  1. here is some motavation. In ny opiono "Mother to Son" is a poem that is about how

    failure can lead to sucses. In this poem it is how when one person failes another can sucsedd in this case it is. When the mother fails she learns from her mistakes and tells her son how to not do what she did and be sucsessfull.

    One reason that I think in this poem it is about how ones fail can leads to anothers sucses is because the poem is about. A mother telling her son what to not do.

    One example is. "Life for me ain't been no crystal stair." for me this means that life for her was hard it was not easy or life can be tough for some and easy for athers eaither way you can't stop trying. Another quote is " And boards torn up, and no plases with carpet on the floor." in my opinion the part that says "Boards tour up" means sometimes you need to take a leap of fathie if you want to keep in proving you need to fail or just take a risk in life.

    Another reason is because the poem states that life can be hard at times and dark but you need to keep on going. One example that I thought of is. You can't stop going and stop learning because then what was all that learning for why did you wast that time all just to turn around and through it away. Another example that relates to the poem is if fail in some thing then you tell someone els and teash them so that they sucses a short version would be your failer can also be someone elses sucses. In the poem it is kind of what the poem is about.

  2. This video was great! It provided unexpectedly good game sense practice. Lesson: Let the aggressiveness and type of plays you make be determined on your current load out, health, and/or position relative to your teammates. Please make more of these!!! 🙂

  3. Y’all are to expensive I was going to buy you guys fortnite courses on the pro guides app and hell no not any more lower the prices that’s why much people ain’t buying it 😤🙄

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