New Battle Builder Huts Explained! New Defense in Clash of Clans!

The Town Hall 14 Update for Clash of Clans will see the Builders Fight Back! Judo Sloth Gaming explains how the Battle Builder Huts work in this tutorial video, sharing gameplay and demonstrating mechanics. The Battle Builders are unlocked at TH14 and can be upgraded to Level 4. The Builder Hut is not only a defense, as the Builder himself can repair the hut and surrounding defenses to really mix up the Base Building Meta. The Clash of Clans Update Sneak Peeks are also not finished yet so…

26 thoughts on “New Battle Builder Huts Explained! New Defense in Clash of Clans!

  1. As the new TH14 is here. So I have some questions regarding lower THs upgrading. Answer all the questions by keeping in mind that TH14 is available globally for everyone to upgrade to.
    1) If someone is on TH12 and he/she decides to upgrade to TH13. Will he/she be upgraded to TH13 only or TH13 (Level 1) and then he/she has to go through all the 5 levels of upgrades before moving onto TH14.
    2) If someone is on TH13 (Level 3) and he/she wants to upgrade. Will he/she be upgraded to TH14 or is it mendatory for him/her to first upgrade the two remaining levels of TH13 and then move on to TH14.
    3) Lastly, if someone only upgraded to TH13 (Level 1) and not further, before the release of TH14. Now if he/she wants to upgrade his/her TH, will he/she be upgraded directly to TH14 or will he/she be asked to complete rest of the four levels of TH13 before moving onto the new TH14.
    Thank you for your time.

  2. Supercell really need to make new multiplayer modes for casual player, we are tired of grinding they keep making new TH.

    What about lower townhall players like Th 5-11?

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