MOST UNDERRATED TEAM COMPS IN APEX! (Composition Guide for Apex Legends)

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0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Understanding the Recent Changes (IMPORTANT)
1:39 – Improve FAST
1:56 – Best Ranked Compositions
4:01 – Best Pub Match Compositions (How to FARM WINS!)
5:50 – The BEST Competitive Team Comps
8:19 – ULTIMATE Arena Compositions! (Great for Ranked Arena Next Season)
10:01 – Outro

Concepts: Best Comps, Valkyrie, Crypto, Gibraltar, Lifeline,…

16 thoughts on “MOST UNDERRATED TEAM COMPS IN APEX! (Composition Guide for Apex Legends)

  1. A good comp that I use with my team a lot is Bloodhound, Loba, and Lifeline. Bloodhound to see as many enemies as possible, Loba to stack on the loot we need and Lifeline mainly for the rez but also to send in a supply drop for cover and better items

  2. Hey proguides! It’s team cap of NVO and Official caster of FocusUpGaming. I looked online and there is very little information on how to join Proguides as a coach. I’ve coached and have been in the competitive scene of apex for a while and one of NVO’s members is also on your apex team. I’d love to join so if you could hit my discord it’s – ItsMatt6653#4069

  3. Revenant – Crypto – Octane

    Use Crypto's EMP and before it explodes our Revenant will put totem while in a safe distance then we'll use jump pad to push

  4. When I used to play fortnite, I really enjoyed watching you’re Proguides Fortnite channel. Once I started playing Apex, I was really hoping there would be an apex Proguides channel and now that there finally is one, I was not disappointed at all. especially Keith Allen 🙂

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