Jiggle Movement Guide/Tutorial (Tips And Tricks) PUBG MOBILE

Jiggle Movement Guide and Tutorial PUBG MOBILE + Tips and tricks on how to move faster like a PRO

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find your perfect sensitivity with the help of this video
(Sensitivity Guide)


(LAYOUT) – (5 finger claw)

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27 thoughts on “Jiggle Movement Guide/Tutorial (Tips And Tricks) PUBG MOBILE

  1. Can we hit 69 likes?
    i will start working on 5 finger claw Handcam video
    Edit: this is just basics of jiggle, there is a lot more to learn
    once I learn I will make advance jiggle movements soon

  2. Bro I playing pubg in my ipad so please take a vedio for four finger claw in ipad and the last one which type( means big or small) of joystick is good for speed juggleing

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