How to GET BETTER in Apex Legends Fast! (Preparing for Season 8)

With season 8 slowly making its way, I wanted to do a full in depth guide to show how to get better in apex legends fast! These tips will go over crucial steps on how to help improve overall in apex. Based off season 7 footage, this guide is meant to help prepare you for season 8 with some solid fundamentals. This will cover things such as shot selection, when to fully commit and more! Following these apex tips will help you start finding more success in gunfights and get you prepared for…

45 thoughts on “How to GET BETTER in Apex Legends Fast! (Preparing for Season 8)

  1. after watching, took out 5 people by my self with 50 light ammo.(when i ran out i punched the rest) all to pick up teammates banner. when i got it i peeled out of there. helped so much. especially the commitment part. thank u

  2. Good tips, but I get inexperienced teammates and I'm going up against diamonds and preds all the time, I'm tired of trying to clutch 1v3's every game, sometimes shit happens but usually teammates make some bad moves and it gets them killed leaving me alone in the fight.

  3. im just bad and everyone has the better buy to win characters 🙁 i also choke and when i try to shoot i flick for some reason and i want to know how to fix it

  4. I just stqrted playing apex. Ive played about 5 matchesand i walways find myself not knowing which guns to pick up and I dont know what the "meta" is. I have also been using pathfinder. Any suggestions would be great.

  5. I was amazing i stopped for a while and now im so garbage i used to have winning streaks carrying the team to victory. But now? I couldn’t win the fight against a person without a gun

  6. Guys i'm sort of a beginner and i really like playing aggressive and easily changin positions like pathfinder tactical or loba tactical. Do you recommend me Horizon or Loba?

  7. I just started apex more recently and I noticed you play on controller to, do you think we could play togeather in like some fire range or something so you could help me get better.

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