How to enable Fortnite 60 fps on any Realme phone

I really thankful to Realme Phone because Realme phone still can run in 60 fps and thanks from this guys for the idea i really love it and i hope this trick will work for you all and thanks for watching 😁😁

Idea from Vintage Wizard:

My Device:Realme 3 Pro
Editing video:Kinemaster
Photos editing:Pixellab
Intro maker:Panzoid(PC Required)

Music in this video

Track: Besomorph & Arcando & Neoni -…

38 thoughts on “How to enable Fortnite 60 fps on any Realme phone

  1. Hi, first I tried with 90 fps because I have realme 7 but it didn’t work, and then I tried with 60, and didn’t work too. And when I enter to fortnite on parallel, every fkn time I have to log in. And one thing is that in a update they put 45 fps but what I did wroooooong, I don’t know if Is this patched or something.

  2. What realme you test in video? Realme what model? Please notice me i tired to install again because i will uninstall again if hang in on game. Please my realme is realme 5i.

    Notice me.🙏🙏🙏

  3. Does your fortnite lags when you ay Battle royal?
    Cuz mine does and my phone is realme 5 and I already set my fps tp 60 but it still lags in battle royal. Can you help me please?

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