How to EASILY Get your First 20 Kill Badge on Apex Legends (Season 7)

Tips To Get Your FIRST 20 KILL BADGE EASILY! – Apex Legends

Today I’ll be giving you my best tips and tricks to help you get the 20 kill badge easily in Apex Legends!

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he Fastest Apex Legend.. (Apex Legends Season 7)


23 thoughts on “How to EASILY Get your First 20 Kill Badge on Apex Legends (Season 7)

  1. Oh yea? Try playing in my lobbies where everybody straight up dies when they land. I’m not even exaggerating. Before the first circle starts moving I always hear the half the lobby is dead voiceline from the announcer.

  2. Everyone!! I dropped my first 20 kill game last week as a lvl 500 rev main!! With 3600 damage! And this morning I dropped my SECOND 20 KILL game with 4k damage!!! I feel blessed!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND I WISH YOU THE BEST! YOU GOT THIS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!

  3. Hello friend! High five! Here to show some support and positivity to other apex legends youtube content creators 👍. I hit the like button. Keep up the great work😁 Also whos your main legend?

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