How to Build in Fortnite ~ Start as a Beginner – End as a Pro

This video will teach you how to build, starting at square 1! If you want more, lmk in the comments, and drop any video ideas you want to see!
Fundamentals: 0:20
Tunneling: 2:54
Side Jumps: 4:47
Retakes: 7:40
Raiders Practice Map v2: 7562-1598-0199

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Twitter: ItsJivan

24 thoughts on “How to Build in Fortnite ~ Start as a Beginner – End as a Pro

  1. This is what i needed! Though my eyes can barely keep up with most of it lol. I doubt i'll be able to reach a level like this… but i'll give it a good go!

  2. I just switched to pc I'm complete garbage I can do the floor ramp wall push but I can't do 90s or anything else but I'm still trying to improve. Getting kind of demotivated tho 😔

  3. Wow, most of the youtubers out there just told strategies and analyzed other people’s things, which wis not what I was wanting, so thanks! Personally, my dream is to become of the best controller players since I’m trash on pc, but lately I’ve been unmotivated so this just really helps thank you

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