The first video in my how to win series and we’re starting with the early game, and how to set yourself up for victory.

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33 thoughts on “GUIDE: EARLY GAME STRATEGY – How to win in PUBG #1

  1. Tip #1 isn’t effective if you are experience because you will become inexperience. It is recommended to warm up that you drop hot spots and prepare yourself once prepare you can play how you want to.

  2. this is a lower skill strat, mainly for erengal or mirimar, shanok plays ALOT difrent, and as u gain more skill its fun to hot drop, or i like to drop in a SEMI Hot Drop! fun to get those early game kills

  3. I never played pubg pc but i still watches ur video , i love your explanation style and ur video s r very informative. And main reason is that pubg pc and mobile is not much different from each other just some things r different.

    Love from India. 💟💝💖🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  4. I love your videos, but I disagree with this a lot.

    This is clearly aimed at beginners (looking for other players parachuting is something you learn in 30 minutes of play).
    If you're a beginner at pubg, don't jump away from the plane and loot for 20 minutes. Guess what: you will be shot in the head after those 20 minutes and you did nothing in the game.
    You have to learn to shoot. Jump Pecado, School, military base, Pochinki, things like that. Learn to win firefights, positioning, leaning, aiming.
    Also: going to the middle of the circle into a building is really terrible advice. That's a surefire way to spend 10-15 minutes doing nothing, sitting in the building and getting shot in the head when you finally have to leave for the new circle. Try to go for the hills, constantly moving at the edge of the circle looking for people rushing in.
    That's the advice I'd give for beginners.

  5. I remember your last guide and you said then that you loot and rush an enemy. It changed now because you said early is high risk, low reward

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