Fortnite is changing forever in 2021…

Fortnite is changing forever in 2021…
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Today, fortnite ting ting… and if you are reading this you have to like the video now… you said it.. well thought it… why are you still reading..


45 thoughts on “Fortnite is changing forever in 2021…

  1. Are you absolutely dumb?! 2021 will not be better than 2020 on any freaking level. If anything, the year will be worse than 2020. Death rates are getting worse by the minute and COVID cases are rising every second. This isn’t just going to magically end at 12:00 January 1, 2021. The sooner everyone realizes that, the better.

  2. i also just want the game to stop getting hated on. it’s annoying to hate on a game when not everyone likes games and not everyone likes the game that you are play.

  3. Man Randumb you’re smart man I can see you got a nice head on your shoulders you could inspire a lot of people with this one video! Love the videos my guy if you see this Happy New Years!

  4. If this map was in chapter 1 and old map was chapter 2 then he would definitely say that “Chapter 1 map was way better than this map. 😂

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