FORTNITE How To Do 90 Degree Turns Fast *PC* Guide (Keybinds, Practice & Common Mistakes)

✍️FREE TRAINING ON MY NEW WEBSITE: In this video I go over how to do 90 degree turns/rotations faster in Fortnite PC. This tutorial/guide is designed for PC Fortnite players but it works for console as well and it will show you how to improve your 90s and be able to do 90s faster. The 90 degree turn is the fastest high ground strategy out right now, so hopefully this video will really help you step up your game and hold your ground against some pretty skilled…

35 thoughts on “FORTNITE How To Do 90 Degree Turns Fast *PC* Guide (Keybinds, Practice & Common Mistakes)

  1. Hey guys! I was wondering if you guys would watch if I streamed during the weekend, or should I just stick to videos? On a different note, thanks for all the support recently! I'll be uploading once a week every Saturday from now on! If you have any feedback or an questions please comment below, see you again soon!

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  3. Thanks, i was sorta ramping up and heard people talk of 90s just been watching others in the distance in the game spamming them and im like im backing outta this he's a build spammer

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