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30 thoughts on “Find The PERFECT ALC SETTINGS For YOU! (ALC SETTINGS GUIDE) – Apex Legends

  1. Actually outer threshold is the area where any extra yaw and pitch is applied 0 ticks means you have to go to the far edge aside from that good job

  2. Honestly one of the most important things in apex legends and you’ve made it easy love your video had to subscribe after watching this vid just for your energy love what your doing but helping people stay safe man much love

  3. Thank you for putting the effort and time in to actually explain these things
    I know that the only way to get better aim is to practice, but knowing in depth what you’re practicing on is really nice
    Thanks again!

  4. Bro its not true that you need outer threshold for extra yaw and pitch to kick in when you leave it at 0 your outer threshold is just the complete edge of the right stick. So you dont need that, other wise cool video

  5. Bro I literally used to have these sweet spot settings on xbox but now I have lost them, I play on ps4 now and I have been looking up video after video on settings, and none have helped me so thank you for making this video

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