Counter Strike Source- No Servers Found Problem

So I got a new computer and had to reinstall all my steam games again. I did so. And this is happening. This isn’t the only games it’s happening to. It’s happening to Gmod too and basically all of my source games. I mean I just bought CSS yesterday and it keeps saying no internet games responded to the query. Plus what’s wierd is I can join games as much as I want like from friends or history or the steam servers. I just want this to be fixed. It seems like I have tried everything including…

33 thoughts on “Counter Strike Source- No Servers Found Problem

  1. I tried allways to fix the no servers issue by copying masterservers,vdf to config and steam and servers and restarted and still i see no servers found for Half life 2 death match

  2. i've had the issue for 2 years, since i'm a League of Legends player, i just ignored it. but now i realised how bad this is, i've tried every fix on the comments
    none have worked for even a second..

  3. try making new account on steam , on that account download team fortress 2 (team fortress 2 is free to play) , play it for 10 – 15 minutes… then go back to your normal account with css , and try if it works (it works for me)

  4. This also happens in my counter strike source, there are not any servers appearing but in my counter strike 1.6 or condition zero it says that it can not contact master server.HELP!!!

  5. But my broblem is that it finds only about 80 servers and before it finded like 1000 servers what is broblem ???(i dont have tags on search) please answer

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