Counter Strike Guns In Real Life

I know I missed the R8 and G3. But the R8 is somewhat fictional, and the game’s particular model of the G3 (G3SG1), is very rare (and who knows, maybe the AK-74 or AA-12 will be added in the future).

Also, the Galil in the video is the Galil ARM, not the Galil Ace, as featured in CSGO. But it was in the earlier games so I guess it counts. There is no such thing as an M4A4 (apart from CSGO). The A4 is based off the Mk 18, a kind of, balla’d out M4A1. And, the Krieg is a different rifle in…

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  1. There is an M4A4 in real life, it is called an M16A4, but for some reason the name was changed just like the AWM's. (AWP)

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