Clash of Clans: TH8.5 TH9 UPGRADE PRIORITY LIST & GUIDE (January 2017) ULTIMATE!!!

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33 thoughts on “Clash of Clans: TH8.5 TH9 UPGRADE PRIORITY LIST & GUIDE (January 2017) ULTIMATE!!!

  1. I would say that you should upgrade your clan castle at the same time that you upgrade your laboratory, because the clan castle takes gold to upgrade and the lab takes elixir, so you can easily reach I think 5 million gold and like 5 million elixir at the same time and upgrade both. (Don't know exact numbers to upgrade but you get the point)

  2. If I've built all buildings except for xbows (I found that 8.5 doesn't normally include the archer tower that you get at 9) am I still considered 8.5 or is there a different name for that?

  3. Upon research, I discovered that most of these suggestions are good but some are terrible (in the current meta; not sure if it was any different when this video was posted).

    For instance, Spell Factory and Dark Barracks upgrades should NOT be "Phase 1". Spell Factory upgrade will unlock the Freeze spell, whose war weight is even greater than that of X-Bow. DB upgrade unlocks the Witch, which also carries heavier war weight than the X-Bow. Since the latest updates, offensive capabilities are supposedly getting more consideration than before. This makes these upgrades even worse now.

    So take a pass on these suggestions if you intend to participate in wars right away.

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