Clash of Clans: BABY DRAGS at TH9 for 3 STARS (Quick Guide)

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A very popular request recently. YES YOU CAN use mass baby dragons at TH9 to smash bases… here’s how!

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42 thoughts on “Clash of Clans: BABY DRAGS at TH9 for 3 STARS (Quick Guide)

  1. You do realise this army costs 400,000 elixir. It's not worth it. If you use this attack in war twice for your attacks, that's 800,000 elixir gone. Most people get 1,000,000 war loot so only 200,000 profit made. Way to expensive. Use an army that only costs about 150,000 – 200,000

  2. If anybody want max th9(max heroes) reply to this comment,paypal accepted.
    I started new account to max my queen again so that's why I want to sell old account.

  3. Are there any good 10 vs 10 strategies? the game is becoming less interesting with having maxed troops at th10 and can't even come close to being able to 3 star another 10. Any new strats out there, that's consistently 3 star a th10?

  4. hey pb!! 🙂 hope all is well !! 🙂 I'm wondering if you are going to do a video about the two week clan ban coming up? I feel like we need a way to know if anyone in our clan is modding!! is there going to be a marker or something? thank you for your time and all your awesome videos!! 🙂

  5. all your videos usually show up maxed bases with maxed troops and maxed heroes. But when will you realise that most of people will not be maxed out.

  6. lvl 30 king and queen…. ouch
    i guess i can't use this strategy yet, walking the queen into the core of the base will take forever with my current hero

  7. good attack there from goodpasture. I'm getting that queen upgraded as fast as I can guys. still really poor. I should've stopped at th9. so many regrets………

  8. New War Clan! Sins&Wins ~ Now recruiting TH9 ~ 15/15 TH10 ~ 25/25 TH11 ~ 35/35/10. Arranged wars coming when we have the numbers! Discord required! If you love to war and love 3 star attacks this is a clan for you! We value our war qualities where every attack matters no matter the situation. We're a drama free clan who love to have fun and socialize! Contact Line ID lethal_3stats for more details or join In game (G9GUC8ELL)!

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