Cannon vs Double Cannon | Clash of Clans

Is Double Cannon actually better than cannon ?

Some Images are from Clash of Clans Wikia :

Enjoy !

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37 thoughts on “Cannon vs Double Cannon | Clash of Clans

  1. I personally think you should heat up one cannon, archer tower and mortar. It’s just because the enemy will focus their troops to try and overwhelm the heated up defence, when actually it’s not that powerful.

  2. If the double cannon could switch targets once the first target goes down, instead of all 4 shots going into one low health troop, it would do WAY BETTER against groups of enemies

  3. As my markers will say :


    Weaknesses of these cannons:
    Barbarians(small swarm):2

    Archers(small swarm):2


    Goblins(single): obviously none
    Goblins(small swarm):2

    Wizard(trio):almost 1, 2

    PEKKA is obviously unbeatable

    Miner (duo):1

    Hog Rider(single):none
    Hog Rider(duo):1



    Witches here will normally destroy both if it did spawn the little skelly's. So 50-50.

    Bowlers(squad(4)):idk, you decide because I'm only TH5.

    Ice Golem:Maybe both, idk

  4. The cannon is good for it's range and fire rate, good for big swarms of enemies like barbs, archs, minions, gobs, etc. On the other hand, the Double Cannon is a four shooter burst, it is stronger but has less range and slow shooting, only good for small swarms or big HP'd troops like giants.

  5. For cost of 1.5 million and that small diffrence i wouldnt recommend gearing up to double cannon just to waste 1.2 million on snall diffrence

  6. I just wish the cannon and mortar gear-up animations were fixed to match the glorious twin cannon assets. It just feels wack to look at when you realize the cannon projectiles are appearing from the middle of the double-cannons and not from the cannons.

  7. The Double cannon is only good for more than I hit Troop Becus it would only take like 2 hits to kill an archer from a double cannon but it fires 4 and then reloads which takes a long time meanwhile the troops are still attacking but if the troops are stronger the double cannon will deal a lot of damage on more troops becuz the troop will take in 4 shots from it. FYI

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