Building Defense Level Evolution – Clash Of Clans

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48 thoughts on “Building Defense Level Evolution – Clash Of Clans

  1. For everyone who was asking how to get this many gems, gold and elixir. There is a way to get all this for free.
    you have to go on youtube and search for "dardude-sandstorm" it's the portal to the secret mod(very similar to the tor browser). You have to click the first link in the description below. After that you will see a website. Then add this to your url above "freegemcoc//;" you will get to a webpage where you can transfer gems for free to your coc account. Attention : Do not buy more than 99 gems at a time. Because if you do so supercell will notice and the mod will get taken down.
    Make sure to make a screenshot of the url. Then erase your browser history because it's not very legal. After that google "reddit" then post your screenshot on the subreddit r/woooosh. It's very important to post this on this subreddit. Because the people on the subreddit will help you on erasing your browsing history form the clash of clans server.(someone, who works at supercell and is also the admin of this subreddit will help you with this. Just ask for dave)

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