Best Graphics, keybind, and gameplay settings for Apex Legends 2021! (fully explained tutorial)

absolute BEST Graphics, keybind, and gameplay settings 2021! Apex Legends fully explained walkthrough!

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While on the channel I do my best to…

44 thoughts on “Best Graphics, keybind, and gameplay settings for Apex Legends 2021! (fully explained tutorial)

  1. What keybinds are on your mouse buttons I’m using sprint and crouch hold but idk if I should stick with it? also do you reccomend hold or toggle? it’s so hard for me to find a definitive reason to pick one over the other in testing. Thank you 🙂

  2. I find it amazing that you said to go back and forth and compare the graphics footage.

    You're editing a fucking video. Edit it. Cut out the menu and show the footage comparison. Lmao 🤦‍♂️

  3. to save you 22 min of your life: he just turned every graphic setting on low for fps (even though some of them doesn't affect fps, like texture streaming budget that you should adjust a little below your vram

  4. Run model detail on high folks, if someone’s coming up a vert zip line you won’t be able to see them on low. And a few other situations

  5. I have no idea how you do it. But I recently discovered your videos and you do an amazing job at not just teaching, but explaining and not making the audience feel naive or dull. Something that if I, wanting to be a teacher, struggle with lol

  6. I installed Apex last week I hv 3200g 1650s 16gb ram ultra maxed out setting I was in training ground & GPU temp is reaching 70-75 degree Celsius.. I capped it to 60fps with Riva Tuner Statistics Server.. can u help to reduce temp?? I am afraid to play it might burn my GPU

  7. when i am trying to convert hipfire to 1x on that website it says "Monitor Distance calculation is only available to Premium Members" ;( am I doing something wrong?

  8. This is an awesome in depth settings vid man. Only thing I'd add is the suggestion to try a 16×10 on 108-110 fov for fatty player models xD

    I noticed you play pretty aggressive fingertip, did you have to force yourself to learn that or was it natural? I can see the dexterity benefits if it's mastered but I can never get comfortable when switching from claw, any tips on getting comfortable with it?

  9. I have a 165hz monitor which locks my frame rate to 165 when I have v-sync disabled. I know my pc can run more than 165fps is it worth it to disable v-sync or to get higher fps? If I should use v-sync which setting should I use? I do have g-sync

  10. Good video, im interesting in toggle aim vs hold, seems a very controversial, personally i tested both and i preffer hold for my style agressive, but sometimes i apply so much force to my mouse throwing my aim for example with the wingman…

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