Apex Legends controller movement guide – best tips for improving your advanced movement on controller!
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26 thoughts on “BEST CONTROLLER MOVEMENT – Apex Legends

  1. This is a great video! I've been focusing too much on aiming when i never take in consideration the movement,i try get angles and change my position but my movement is crap i feel like it would take me to whole another level

  2. 0:55 I have to disagree with you there

    Jump out of nowhere, tapstrife and flick with that Eva/Mastiff. Aim has nothing to do with that and you are practically impossible to kill.

    If you manage to pull fast acceleration trick by crouching in 0.15s from starting running, your legs start to move weird (except for Reventant) and you are again really hard to hit. Paired with a good tapstrife makes even preds unable to hit you. Then you slide and again: focus on movement and flick. With guns like R99 Instead of flicking, get to a position where you can control the momentum easily to be able to turn yourself and have a good accuracy. You compensate for uncomfortable postion by turning, aim is just an addition

    Peaking is all about movement, aim doesn't matter there too much

    So it all depends on your gamestyle. I am a movement guy and from my own experience I can say, movement compensates for aim.

  3. Hey mango it’s me raw fishing with the boys Joey yeah I’m sorry I haven’t been I. Your streams or watching your vids my acc was banned and my phone was stolen and more situations

  4. Mangos calls me out in the first 2 minutes of the video. HAHAHA! At least I do his last tip so I can't feel too bad! Great Video! Very helpful!

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