Apex Legends Season 9 Update Patch Notes – Many Balance Changes Coming!

Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy Patch Notes – Many Balance Changes Coming!

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20 thoughts on “Apex Legends Season 9 Update Patch Notes – Many Balance Changes Coming!

  1. WELP, I can't use Octane or anyone that gets downed as a meat shield with Lifeline anymore, I guess I'll just go give bamboozles for the foozles

  2. I've asked about wraiths flipping animation when she's using a balloon forever now. Does her hitbox follow her flipping animation or is it in a set position not following the animation.

  3. Why nerv horizon and octane that much if you bring a char like Valkyrie, she basically can’t be contested on movement now. And her rockets are way better then arcstars 😂

  4. I'm gonna miss the hammerpoints and skullpiercer. I understand they wanted to make room for the new hop-ups, but they should have gotten rid of the useless Quickdraw instead of hammerpoints

  5. Am I the only person who isn't overly hyped for this season? I mean I was until it actually dropped……12 hours late which I can excuse no problem. Tech difficulties happen but the servers have not been the same since drop. Multi billion dollar companies sure seem to have hard time providing good servers, wonder if it is as difficult for them to build a 5 million dollar house with a 12 car garage?

    Young Savage throwback XD

    However, in my opinion, the Horizon nerf went a little too far. Only 2 seconds on top of the grav lift is kinda rough but I could accept it if they didnt slow it down 30 % as well XD. And the sad part is, they nerf a legend I found to be very fun to play and honestly didnt find her that annoying to go up against, but then they add the friggin bocek bow which is just ridiculous OP. My shot isn't even that great only been on MnK for a little less than a year and I am destroying people with no problem as well as getting tossed in the dumpster by everyone and there sister. I find it much more annoying than Horizon. Valk is cool and Arena mode is absolutely amazing. So I give them credit for bringing something new and exciting to the game. I guess I just need to go cry in the corner about my main being nerfed hard af =D lol.

    Battle Pass is meh.

    Edit: If the bow was a care package weapon, it would be balanced. Every legend can pick up and use a bow, but only 1/3rd of the lobby could potentially play as Horizon {1/2 in duos}. It should also be noted that I am speaking from a pubs player perspective and do not have insight into high level ranked and comp perspective on all of this.

  6. Im not a big complainer when it comes to patch notes but ill never understand removing Hammerpoints, it made the p20 into a viable gun and helped with the Mozam's low mag. Thankfully Mozam got enough to actually make it pretty strong. But p20 still feels lacking

  7. So uh, all my stuff is gone, my legends, all my in game currency, all my skins, but all my stats are still here. Is anyone else dealing with this or is it just me?

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