Apex Legends – Meet Rampart: Character Trailer | PS4

The best modder in the Outlands, Rampart backs up her big mouth with big guns she designed herself.

When one door burns to the ground, another opens. Ramya “Rampart” Parekh lost her shop, but she gained an invite to the Apex Games. She may not have set out to become a Legend, but now that she’s here, she’s excited to show the world what Sheila can do.

Rampart can’t go home, so she’s going big — her natural affinity for LMGs allows her to shoot more and…

27 thoughts on “Apex Legends – Meet Rampart: Character Trailer | PS4

  1. I played Apex a little bit once it came out. I remember it took me a while to buy the two extra dudes the game had at the time. Now there are a many new champions, so I wonder if they have made them accessible for returning/new players or will I have to grind forever to buy one at a time? I kinda want to play it again but if the progression hasn't changed I won't

  2. sony. i wait muramasa rebirth in ps4. lets go sony. and you guys my gamers friends, who want this wonderful game, post on social networks, because sony launched dragons crow and odin sphere, just missing the muramasa rebirth, come on friends.

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