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Simply Ashton here! Today we’re looking at the WORST TO BEST Legends in Apex Legends Season 9! I know you guys seem to enjoy my Tier List videos, so i thought i’d come back with an updated tier list on my opinions on the best Legends in Apex Legends Season 9! This is partly based on what I see in Ranked Lobbies…

45 thoughts on “An APEX PREDATORS Season 9 LEGENDS TIER LIST! (WORST TO BEST) – Apex Legends

  1. As a Revenent main im happy and I agree with his position. I respectfully nugg u to give him more credit for soloing, being able to move that fast while crouched is a snipers (like me) dream and his climbing is just statasfying. I do wish tho if he gets a buff, make his hit or smaller. Slightly I mean not drastically. I personally feel when playing him I should be harder to hit then at least Wright or octane considering he's an ASSASSIN SKELTON. he seems to bigger then Pathfinder in the hit hitbox sense!!

    Also as a Revenent main I'd like to say…

    .. anyone above us better keep an eye on the shadows… we want that top tier

  2. Change fuse’s flame ring into a napalm splash ball, or fill the entire ring in for more AOE with slightly less damage.

    Caustic is S tier for people like me with adhd who sometimes get hyper focus and need that 15% damage reduction, because we forget to move. we would use gibby but we forget to use his shield bubble, or when we do, we end up screwing a teammate somehow. But we won’t forget to block that door with a gas trap..most of the time.

  3. I think a cool buff to Bangalore and fuse is like the recon beacon scan or fortified there would be a thing called locked and loaded for fuse and Bangalore which lets you carry another stack of ammo in a special slot this can give fuse a lot of storage beatwean ammo and bullets give him a purple backpack and he can carry nades and ammo for the whole team and I think Bangalore can use a tiny buff

  4. Watching game play in this video, all the enemies can hit there shots for sh$t, and it confuses me because I get into a game and its all people that have slightly better game sense and way better (and I have pretty good aim)

  5. I feel like Crypto should be A tier just because if you can get 2 team mates back with almost no risk if you know how to use crypto. Also Mirage… man He's the one legend I hate seeing. He literally annoys me cause I feel like if he wants to get away he will. Here lately I've started to catch a few mirages instead of the decoys but those seasoned mirage players are a trip.
    I'm just a Gold player though so take my opinion for what its worth. I started at the end of season 8.

  6. Here's a season 6 platinum's season 1 player's tierlist
    S: Gibraltar, Bloodhound
    A: Crypto, Valkyrie, Wraith, Pathfinder, Octane
    B: Bangalore, Lifeline, Revenant
    C: Horizon, Loba
    D: Caustic, Mirage, Rampart
    F: Fuse, Wattson

  7. way to get fuze better: change his ultimate to not just a ring of fire but an area he just puts on fire that way people cant just easly get out of it and/or just stay in the middle. tone down the damage. the slow needs to stay and its a decent ult

  8. Horizon needs higher in my opinion. She was nerfed hard yeah but shes still really good if you play her correctly. You can immediately let your whole team take high ground in a second

  9. Super duper unpopular opinion but mirage is actually pretty good. If you can use decoys correctly he has one of the highest 1v2 potential in the game. I frequently use the decoys to break line of sight and have successfully squad wiped as mirage on numerous occasions. The ult is also amazing for dipping out of a fight to heal and I would argue can be better than wraiths phase since it's not as trackable as her tactical

  10. Gibby is my mane but he is garbage when jumped. People dont miss that huge hit box and his shield doesnt help when shot from behind. For me, where he really shines is mid to long range with partial cover and a semi auto hemi.

  11. the reason I main fuse is that when I see a rampart camping inside a building I can just throw knuckle clusters inside and then it forces her to get out

  12. Valks not overpowered. laughs in stun grenades its situational. Okay I guess you're asking for my bullshit rants then, okay here I go. Firstly, I'm talking about on console here, so she's a bit stronger there. Okay so first thing is bullet slow, now this isn't one of her abilities but shush, it cancels all of your momentum and really stops movement from being as helpful as it could be, now the reason the stuns annoying is because well, stun + anti momentum + aim assist on standstill target + sweaty console players, yeah, now that's true chaos

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