ADVANCED Training Routine to Become a PRO For PC & Console! – Fortnite Battle Royale

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50 thoughts on “ADVANCED Training Routine to Become a PRO For PC & Console! – Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. What I do is I play 1 hour sessions so I do aim practice for 1hr and after that hour I take a break once my break is done I do a different course like building and editing (which I really need improvement on to go pro)

  2. I am new to fortnite and im not sure what I need to learn. can you tell me what I need to learn in order and how to do it? can u make a video to us new guys so we can understand what all this stuff is? I get lost the second someone rushes me and starts building.. all I know how to do is build a wall with a ramp after I pump with shotgun and I spam that same build lol fun game but gets annoying not knowing what to do

  3. ok, I'm a really good player, but some people I fight, are just so advanced it blows my mind. like I have really decent piece control, I have decent aim, my edits are good, but then there's some people that can beat me easily, and it confuses me because idk what I'm doing wrong. it's really demotivating, to know that I grind 6 hours a day, and then someone can beat me that easily.

  4. My mom and dad doubt me, they say I will never go anywhere in life with video games, I’m really good on console but I earned money enough to buy a pc, and I finally got it!😓

  5. I do raider warmup course v3, free build tunnel 1 min 30 second 90s 30 second retakes. then savook tile frenzy scar, heavy ak 1 min horizontal blue ar and blue ak 1 min then peak course, mongrel classic then raider peice control course I do courses 1,3,5,7,9,11

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