6 x LAVA HOUNDS + 11 x BAT SPELLS = AIR SPAM! NEW TH12 Attack Strategy | Clash of Clans

If you’re after a really simple TH12 3 Star Attack Strategy then you’ve just found it! Could LaLoon Spam be the new best TH12 Air Attack Strategy? Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Attack Strategy Guides with Sir Moose.

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41 thoughts on “6 x LAVA HOUNDS + 11 x BAT SPELLS = AIR SPAM! NEW TH12 Attack Strategy | Clash of Clans

  1. hey idk if this is the same guy but I think I knew u a long time ago and had u on skype, u lived in the Uk and u made content on yt like some musical video with different videos layered or something idk but it might be u he was a cool guy I think it was from agario

  2. That's why i love your Strategy videos you made simple other youtuber fool there subscribers… Thank you sir moose and plz make more videos on th 12 like this video i know th12 is getting old but we need your help to do 3 star on enemy base.. Love from India 😘

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  4. I use this in TH13 and it's brilliant. I have played around with the freeze/bats ratio and usually settle on 8 bats and 3 freeze. Not having to worry about Scattershots in TH12 you can get away with only 2 freezes. But the Wiz Towers must be accounted for or your bats will simply evaporate. No kidding, one Wiz Tower will take out most of them in one shot!

  5. This is a farming strategy attack but not a war attack strategy. It would be nice to see the same war-patterned attack and a full th12. The bases it shows are degrading and are not of war. However, it works when farming. Good video

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