10 Game Winning Tips & Tricks For Pubg Mobile 2021

10 Game Winning Tips & Tricks For Pubg Mobile 2021 is about solid strats and gameplay ideas to keep you away from those easy losses and rank drops. Hope you guys enjoy 10 Game Winning Tips & Tricks For Pubg Mobile 2021!

00:35 Don’t Trade at Airdrops with AWM pubg mobile
01:20 Pay attention to which car you take from the airdrop pubg mobile
02:07 Let Enemies Fight then kill pubg mobile
02:50 Advanced Vehicle Smoke guide pubg mobile
03:35 Advanced Vehicle Smoke Guide for DUOS pubg…

50 thoughts on “10 Game Winning Tips & Tricks For Pubg Mobile 2021

  1. I agree that so often newer players who reach top 10 playing 1vs4 or 2VS4 all fire at every enemy they see – exposing where you are is never smart if you can simply eliminate any cross fire from opposing enemies by staying out of their way allowing their squads a second to spot each other and send on or the other to the lobby letting you take 2nd place out of simple patience. Baiting the final squad with trust your team mate can counter their knock in time to try to get you back up? LOL not at all the best solution in 2 vs 4.. that strategy must be when in top 3 as long as you have at least 3 on your team to insure the win even if you do get killed because they miss enemy counter attack due to fluke or poor angles.. trust is something I can lend to random or newer team mates I have never had the accuracy matches to establish their ability to stand their ground when it matters the most (whenever you are knocked and hoping for a hero to help). Video liked as always!

  2. Can you make a tip and trick video on competitive (passive) gameplay? I see all these aggressive videos; it’s time you make a tips and tricks video on passive gameplay

  3. I'll keep watching your content to support you. Always like your stuff. Maybe upload a mix of clips of you just destroying. You know, like those youtubers. Show them Skills not stats. (not that i dont love the stats)

  4. Hey man, I noticed my pubg file is almost 8gb and my game is becoming very choppy. Most people I play with are complaining that they're having the same problem. How do I fix this? Please I need help. I am seeing this on our community pubg page as well so I know I am not the only one. I don't want to clear cache coz I don't know what would disappear if I do.

  5. Hey. Really enjoy the vids. This channel is the only reason I actually decide to play pubg anymore. Then hackers remind of of why I stopped. Hopefully they can solve it before hackers finish ruining the game. Good content as always.

  6. Bushka! I have a dilemma for you.. If u had to make a choice.. would you choose…..
    1. To play once a week for 1 hour, using any weapon you like?
    2.To play anytime you like, for as long as you like… using…. yes … only the M416

  7. Love the vids bushka and because of your effort my 762 game has been going up the last 2 months …good looks on the knowledge…OG told me the game is ment to be sold not told..good thing u get paid

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