10 BEST Clash of Clans Beginner Tips 2020 | Clash of Clans Beginners Guide

I break down the 10 best beginner tips in clash of clans. This video can be used as a guide for beginners in 2020 so they can learn from my own and others mistakes and progress through the game easier. These tips will be especially helpful to town hall 2 (th2) and town hall 3 (th3) players. I hope you enjoy the video and learn something!

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34 thoughts on “10 BEST Clash of Clans Beginner Tips 2020 | Clash of Clans Beginners Guide

  1. I spent like 8 bucks on this game and got like 2 million elixer, gold, builders huts, and 2000 gems. Its pay to win as fuck and honestly worth if ur gonna keep playing.

  2. Dude actually thanks i was having trouble getting loots i had an account that was town hall 6 and i forgot to put an email on the acc now im starting again and im just spending my gems on loots 😂 i restarted again now im th 5 in 5 weeks! Thanks dudeeee

  3. Play single player for easy loot
    Deployed 11 giants for 1500 elixir
    Heres my tip to play single player
    Use as low elixir as you can on troops to play sinlgle player. And make strategy according to that.
    For example on single player first village there is only one cannon then there is not need to deploy 10 giants only 5 barbarians or less do the job.

  4. As an ex player of Lords Mobile with over 20 mil might, This seems so difficult lol. But shouldnt i protect my resources instead of leaving them on the outside of the defenses?

  5. Bro this is so helpful man, I literally just started last night, I thought that this was a , pay to win game, yet you're very humble…. i like that characteristic about you bro. Keep on Griding and keep on Staying humble, you will be going places brother….

  6. Started this just a day ago, but when I am going to attack in single player am getting only 20 troops to attack, how to increase troops for attack…

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