You've NEVER seen a Spitfire like this!! – APEX LEGENDS PS4


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43 thoughts on “You've NEVER seen a Spitfire like this!! – APEX LEGENDS PS4

  1. The best Spitfire skin is the one that gives it the camo of a British “Spitfire” fighter plane. I’d say change my mind but you literally cannot, both Spitfires are equally as badass.

  2. You got focused hard at the end because of your skin and Legend choice.. Notice your teammates stayed full health for most of the fight because the other team was more worried about you getting that high ground angle you were looking for..

  3. ?? dude love your channel but how does your spitfire have no vertical movement what so ever? When you were firing at the guys on the zipline it was a laser….. no movement in any direction period and it has the worst recoil in the game.

  4. That no hit reg at the end was frustrating. I'm glad someone popular had it happen to them, maybe the devs will take a closer look. Spitfire is my favorite suppression gun giving teammates time to heal. Keep up the content. Thumbs up!

  5. Sooxfar how its your name calls
    Sooxfar or Soo far

    Btw im a big fan of you 😜 <3
    And I really would like to play with you one day im 10000 kills on pathinfer please🥺

  6. I swear Apex knows what they’re doing😂😂 bro fries entire game and all of a sudden the revenant in end game is hard to hit, maybe a Ghost shadow form? Like the aim assist was gone or something

  7. do you know how irratating it is to fight someone with a spitfire and you die because your gun is doing the reload animation while the other mf is still shooting at you with their 55 heavy rounds

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