Top 10 Tips & Tricks in PUBG Mobile that Everyone Should Know (From NOOB TO PRO) Guide #13

Top 10 Tips & Tricks in PUBG Mobile that everyone should know the ultimate guide to becoming a pro player
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find your perfect sensitivity with the help of this video
(Sensitivity Guide)


(LAYOUT) – (5 finger claw)

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43 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips & Tricks in PUBG Mobile that Everyone Should Know (From NOOB TO PRO) Guide #13

  1. Buggy is the best after uaz, the only problem is that buggy is more open so that's why I count it as second best, also it has better speed and can climb any type of hills or mountains.

  2. I have only been playing this for two weeks and I bought a 99 pence UC .low and behold they took £23 out of my bank and another 99 pence twice. It’s made to be confusing and it’s used by girls to get guys to make them popular by sending them gifts. It’s a soft porn. Besides that it often takes 15 minutes to find anybody to team up with. It even takes at least 5 minutes if you go solo. You spend your time in this game wondering how they can get away with saying that you cannot play that until you give them more money. Netflix is less than £20 a month. COD mobile is free and they don’t pressure you to give them your money. I have in app purchases turned off forever now. The social content is rubbish. Nobody wants to talk. English is never heard. The European server hardly ever has any English French or Spanish chat. I want that £23 back and if they think I can’t do anything they don’t know anything. A lot of Indians Asians and Arabs use this game as an entrance to begin yhacking peoples accounts. It’s also a place where women sell their bodies and where sad lonely men hope to find love. What a laugh. Some iraqueen LGBT etc . Fat greasy homosexuals dressed as tarty avatars go a grooming here. Have a look at the chat rooms where penis pictures are passed around. Find out for yourself if anything that goes under the name PUBG is what you want. Don’t pay for anything though and turn off your in app purchasing in settings .

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