The Secret to FAST Wall Jumps in Apex Legends

The Secret to FAST Wall Jumps in Apex Legends

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43 thoughts on “The Secret to FAST Wall Jumps in Apex Legends

  1. You dont press W a bunch of times, you only get an effect after about 3 key presses, tap strafing has been around since TF|2 so theres really no reason to press it more than 3 times, 2 times can be enough too

  2. The way I do it is actually just pressing the strafe key after a slide jump. Say I wanna wall jump on the right, so I strafe jump, press D and look right, then wall jump. I get a high success rate.

  3. Awesome guide. You do some look down crouch jump thing that looks like it gets you moving super fast from a standing position…. Can you teach how to do that?

  4. Do you still press the airstrafe key when tap straffing? For exampleAt 2:40, are you clicking D and spamming W to do the wall bounce? Or are you only looking at and then spamming W?

  5. I'm a nub, could someone explain to me the little "bobbing" motion I think I see when he slide jumps? It looks like he looks up and down a little in the slide.

  6. my problem is that she starts to "Climb" rather than jump off.
    It seems like the scroll wheel W inputs are happening and thus getting rid of the whole "let go of everything then tap space" to bounce off thing.
    I can tap strafe okay enough to practice, and I can wall jump the "slow" way, but combining both will often yield either the tap strafe failing (bad inputs) or i start climbing the wal instead of bouncing off of it and thus don't move/launch anywhere

  7. What is way more intetesting is how do you slide without sprinting for like 3 seconds?
    You sprint 1 step and slide immidiatly.

    How do i do that ? I always get an empty slide

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