Quick Tips to Avoid Apex Legends 3rd Parties | #shorts

Ah yes, the bane of all Apex Legends things, the dreaded 3rd Party. Nothing is worse than getting into a fight, coming out on top only to be quickly cleaned up by …

42 thoughts on “Quick Tips to Avoid Apex Legends 3rd Parties | #shorts

  1. I literally taught my friends not to fight more than 20 seconds. If they don't think they can don't get involved. They started getting top 3 placements sixty percent of the games they play. Glad to see someone else say this

  2. I used to play with a guy that basically raged every game he didn't win and every time he died it wasn't his fault but ours or "the game's" fault. Then he did exactly what he complained other ppl were doing including 3rd partying…
    If your playing with someone like this just try to make them understand it's annoying to hear them rant every game or change mates

  3. JUST DONT SHOOT UNLESS YOU HAVE GOOD AIM AND KNOW YOU CAN CRACK ATLEAST 1, then you squad push. Ez fight done in 30-60 seconds

  4. Ok but some fellas out there, when I rotate away the fucking follow me across the map. Then I run into another team and eventually I die🤦‍♂️

  5. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is insanity…
    But isn't working out exactly that?

  6. Solo q’d to masters in 6 days by simply not even getting engaged unless I KNOW I’m walking away with 1+KP in the bag and have a clear cut path out of the fight. Play smart as a solo player for ring/end zones and the KP will come to you

  7. Me out in the open with randoms engaged with another squad that's in The Cage: 😰😰😰 Guys… guys we've been here a whole minute… guys (two other teams strolls in) GUUUYSSS!!!

    I swear this area is third party heaven 🤣

  8. Where’s that insanity quote from is this from a movie or something? Because I allways thought insanity meant not being able to tell reality from fiction no?

  9. This is slightly off topic, but do you engage in boxing matches with the last squad if they're into it, or if someone is tea bagging, do you teabag a little before killing them?

  10. I heard sometimes if you look like your team is already wanting to fight the new squad coming in they may back off a little bit cause they won't know just how well off your squad is after the first fight, so if you get a bit ballsy it could trick them into giving you a little buffer

  11. I agree with this except for “you can’t get mad” part, everyone knows you’re not allowed to third party me, it hurts my feelings.

  12. Nice advice bud….played 5 games of apex a year ago n my Xbox HDMI chip went bad I got it fixed n havent played apex since….just downloaded it last night I forgot how fun it is….but it's still super sweaty….

  13. Whenever I play with friends I tell them we need to go we gonna get 3rd partyd or I tell them to push even if they r low cus there is 2 of the enemies knocked honestly I've proved to them when I play with players that also are actually good and not just think they are I do alot better gonna send them this to prove to them what I've learned thanks

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