PUBG PS4 & Xbox One // 12 Tips New Players NEED to Know

12 PUBG tips for Xbox One and PS4 that you need to know if you are a new PUBG player on console!

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29 thoughts on “PUBG PS4 & Xbox One // 12 Tips New Players NEED to Know

  1. Does anyone know how to get a mustache for your character on PS4? I see people with them but I don’t have one myself and I can’t even find one through the store, I tried google searching but almost all results are for pubg mobile and are about beards. If anybody can help I’d appreciate it.

  2. I can't put headphones into my TV and it's fucking impossible to be tactical when using sound as even with surround sound my shit TV just flatly blares everything out the front. Footsteps just get loud or quiet, shots are either distant, aimed at you, or sorta loud and forget trying to tell where vehicles are coming from. Besides the weird aiming tricks where shooting to the top left of someone's head is somehow a dead on kill shot, having full 3D sound is crucial to success because I can't tell how many times knowing where footsteps or shots were coming from would have given me an advantage.

  3. I’ve never once encountered a bot. Everyone is level 500 or more. I can’t win a single game, it seems the only remaining players are just absolute pros. I want to stay into it but I can’t if it’s going to be so hard to the point where I can’t even get better.

  4. Just came back after a 2 year break. Sooo good. Way more rewarding than other BRs. And as complex as the controls are it surprisingly came back to me immediately.

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