Opening My Worst Base in Clash of Clans!

Why I have Rushed Bases in Clash of Clans! Judo Sloth Gaming attacks on a rushed base whilst explaining why the base was upgraded in this manner. I will most likely bring a Rushed vs Non Rushed video however I have main accounts that I actively play and rushed accounts that I log into once per day in order to upgrade more passively. This is the main reason that rushing is a positive; more loot passively. I have had many requests to show my worst base so whilst this video is a bit different…

34 thoughts on “Opening My Worst Base in Clash of Clans!

  1. Enjoy guys, something different but I’ve had a lot of requests recently to show my worst base. This is one of my bases I just attack once per day on to slowly upgrade. I’ll be sure to bring a Rushing vs Not Rushing video sometime soon. Clash On!

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  2. i opened my fully rushed th 10 after 2 years and i really shocked it was almost maxed out like it have lvl 5 walls and heros but when i came back i raid my own base and king became lvl 30 and queen became lvl 28 and all defence are maxed for th 9 level walls also lvl 9 most troops are maxed for th 10 lvl. wow……

  3. I use to be a big fan of coc but I stopped like 8 months ago and recently it go into it cuz all my friends did and my loot cart had 11 million gold and elixir and 20k dark elixir

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